Blogging is it for me??

So i never thought about writing a blog about this latest journey through the C word, last time i attempted the blogging was about my weight loss journey with my fellow SAS. That journey posed enough challenges and struggles however we were a bit slack and never really wrote too much and definitely did not stick to it. The shrinking of the SAS shrunk and disappeared into what I’m sure is a vast world of wasted internet pages.

So this has been sparked by recent reading of others blogs and of course a brief humorous conversation with the one and only Vicky ( the most amazing friend, that has been my rock). So we are in the search of the dragon writing his own blog from Addenbrookes hospital and attending similar appointments and chemo sessions, where is this dragon hiding?

So i guess a brief historical run down is necessary i say history in very loose terms as this journey only started 9 months ago. As most i hope would agree, im a pretty standard 25 year old loving life and probably living life at 100mph too quick sometimes just like the flow of my conversation at times. Love my job (something i will always be thankful of couldn’t have found a better job), playing football, coaching football, watching football (yeah you get the point football is going to have a massive focus), occasional night out (well if u must), love my friends and more importantly my family of which many of my friends have become, travelling the world trying to scratch off my map.

So February comes round, Cambs UTD have made it through the 3rd round of the FA cup and have got a big money draw against Man UTD at home, having been to every home game that season you can imagine the disappointment when i cant get tickets to watch this piece of Cambs UTD history probably involving lots of goals and not at the right end, however the mighty UTD (i mean Cambridge not that dodgy team in red) earn a well thought draw… were off to Old Trafford!! So my dad (the crazy man he can be) hires a mini bus and off with the fam, some strangers and Dan off to Manchester straight after work, little run to make it for KO but were there!! Sorry i get this is off topic well Cambridge comfortably get knocked out and we endure the journey home, 5 am i walk through the door literally fall on my bed and enjoy the 2 hours sleep I’m about to get before up and out of there for work.

Very tiring day back home and off out to work again feeling seriously drained, rest of week passes by in a bit of a sleepy haze. feeling a bit run down and not particularly 100% more like 50%. So Friday night comes round, karaoke at Quinns i hear for a football night out the Jilly is down, but i cant bring myself to party so off into town we trudge for a little bit of dancing no drinking for me but plenty for the others. Again another week of work ahead have a day off and for anyone who knows me this is a very rare occurrence, 4 days off in 3 and a bit years at work  and 2 of those have been down to work related injuries – concussion my favourite of football preventing injuries. 1 day off still not feeling great but back to work with half term arriving i figure i can rest then.

So half term came round and a planned tripped to Lisbon was on the horizon, day before i could have cancelled and stayed laid on the sofa rolling in pain and tiredness. Pulled myself together and off we went a  painkiller filled trip with plenty of breaks in between seeing various sights.


Lisbon February 2015 with Michelle (Benfica Stadium)

On return something still not right no energy, no appetite and begin to get really frustrated… i don’t deal well with boredom and daytime TV is of no interest to me which becomes a major problem further down this journey thank god for white collar this week (thumbs up Joe). So routine blood tests, no news, more blood tests no news. Josie and David been the absolute BEST whisk me down the doctors… so theres the news suspected gallstones “go home pack a bag and head to A&E” – panic ahhhh hospitals ahhh surgery ahhh doctors ahhh hospital food and infected water.


 Me and the Big Brother (David) in the hospital!!


  1. Josie · January 22, 2016

    Yes Sam, blogging is most definitely for you!

  2. adrian · January 22, 2016

    Thanks Sam: interesting as the rest of us were outside the bowl.

  3. David · January 22, 2016

    My Sister, the hero, footballer, and now pro blogger.

  4. Sue · January 22, 2016

    More please Sam x

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