Port – my little alien!!

So whilst talking to the colorectal team Dr Beaut, keeps asking if i can swim I’m like yes i can swim but that seems a funny question to be asking at this point in time, but yes i do like to swim and love the beach and sea. So turns out that if we put that on the form alongside playing football more likely for them to insert a port or portocath as its known in the medical world instead of a pic line. It is simply a little device size of a pound coin that goes straight into a vein in your chest allowing the chemo to go straight in instead of through a cannula. So round comes the time to get vascular access to fit this little device. weird experience on a tiny little surgery bed with a surgeon very close to your head making an incision and inserting this device. Worst part was my shoulder keep hanging off the surgical bed. Quite a quick process not too much to worry about still hate the silly hospital gowns though.

Below is a picture showing the device, I’ve nicknamed it my little alien as when I’m in the bath it beats like a little alien trying to escape my chest.


So my port a little bit like me has got a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a joker and a little awkward, it likes to move around (don’t know where it gets that from), i cant even keep my feet still!! So the poor nurses have had a few struggles trying to get my port in and we created a little port success list it started with only 2 people, we have now progressed to 5 woo woo!!! So port medals were introduced and well done and thank you to every nurse who was awarded one, me and my little alien appreciate it!!