Chemo days.. how can we pass the time?

So for anyone who has experienced chemo will understand it can be one of the most lonely, boring times… so my mission was to try and add as much enjoyment as i could to this not so lovely experience. Thankfully i have some of the most amazing and crazy friends to support in this process, plus some great banter from the nurses and hospital staff.


Firstly i apologise to anyone that we have annoyed with our volume or crazy laughing, however i hope at times this has also brightened up your days. So what activities could we do well these have ranged from games, puzzles, colouring, quizzes, nails, arts and crafts, chatting, films, music and lots more games!!

Thankfully I’m a winner so that didn’t add any extra frustration although i do have to give it to seb she did win game of life!!

Julie massive thank you for mine and vicky 2 player puzzle book this has possibly been one of the best time killing activities ever and it has become a staple in my hospital bag!! I would just like to take this time to thank everybody who has accompanied me to chemo or the hospital over this time, honestly i cannot thank you enough and it means the world to me!!

Kate and Elaine thanks for your weekly visits, your welcome to steal snacks whenever i wont tell Abi!! At the time of writing this we are on round 20, so thats 20 weeks of chemo, so lots of visitors and lots of games, although the clamp down has begun and we are only allowed 1 visitor however this has coincided with the time its getting a bit more exhausting on a Wednesday so less visitors is probably sensible however not as fun.

Someone who i def need to thank and has made Wednesdays so much easier is Harriet every week she has visited and took a bit of time out of work and the change of face has been wonderful for me and the visitors.

Although she has also been a bit cheeky telling me she was going to a Dr’s appointment with Dean, but she came back and she came back with the best news ever… they are expecting a baby in Feb!!! Meant so much for them to come and tell me and show me the little scan… congratulations and i cant wait to meet baby Maurice/Maureen. We now know it is definitely a girl so hurry up and arrive so we can wear our matching hats 🙂

As this post is posted it is Harriets due date and no sign of Baby M yet, however she is trying every old wives tale so off to Moza and a strong curry it is!! We await the first baby in our little group of friends… how exciting!!! Now just gotta wait for my own niece and nephew 🙂

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  1. Pat · February 5, 2016

    Great to hear news, Sam. Keep smiling?

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