Weight… the only way is up lol!

So i started this blog writing about my failed attempt at blogging about my weight loss journey, I’m pleased to say this blog is already proving more successful. However my weight loss has not been, 3 years ago i started slimming world something that really did change my life for the better, i lost 4 stone in just over a year and had maintained close to that mark throughout up until this year… So who would have thought it BAM cancer has just smacked you in the face but no still my weight is something i have to contend with… Dr Awesome have i not got enough on my plate already 😉 no you don’t think so. So yes the weight gain isn’t necessarily all my fault steroids are absolute pain in the arse and my weight has slowly increased at every bi weekly step on the scales and now much to my dislike and especially Dr Awesome probably at my pre slimming world weight and not happy with it 🙁

Chelle kindly reminded me of one of the very early conversations i had when leaving hospital Sinead (knew i liked her) said go home eat what you want and enjoy life, so i left with the little fat kid inside me…buzzing. However this is not true and not helpful or healthy either so back on the weight loss journey i go!!!

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  1. Anonymous · February 11, 2016

    Just remind yourself how easy slimming world was once you had got into the flow of it. Xx

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