Spreading good will…

So the chemo unit isn’t particularly a very attractive place and for some is a very lonely and frustrating place, lucky for me i have an amazing group of crazy friends that come and pass the time and i cant thank them enough, some deserve there own special thank you that hopefully will be shown through this blog.  With this crazy bunch of friends comes a bit of laughter and lots of chatter perhaps too much hence the 1 visitor only rule ;). So at times I’ve decided that i can perhaps make a little difference to at least one person, so one day i met this lady who was receiving chemo and had brought her daughter to support she explained how she couldn’t swallow due to throat cancer, she was struggling to produce saliva and her mouth was very dry, so we shared our sweets (rhubarb and custards) and the smile on her face was worth it all. So after the tiredness of chemo i popped to Tesco to stock up and brought her two bags of various sweets and put in a gift bag with the label keep smiling (yes its hard, but it gets you through so never stop :)!! ) so for the next couple of weeks i carried around this gift bag but i never reencountered this lady, weeks turned into months and it was still in my rucksack (so id pretty much given up so left the gift bag at home) … yes you know what happens next i saw her but without the gift 🙁 back in the bag it went, much to Vicky’s amusement of months of carrying it around. Thankfully a month later i saw her again in the oncology day unit so whilst i was on chemo with it being pumped through my system i asked Kate to deliver it to the lady… Again the smile (small things) she came over to thank me and finally id managed to give her the gift id been carrying for months.

Never forget the impact of a tiny gesture for anyone, its the little things 🙂


  1. Anonymous · March 6, 2016

    I remember that day well ? Xx

  2. Anonymous · March 6, 2016

    Positivity, and a smile,(when you are in your darkest hour) but I absolutely believe them to be the best possible medicine. You can and will win your battle, wishing you a speedy recovery, keep up the brilliant job you’re doing, you are an inspiration, I don’t know you personally, but I feel as if I do, and I’m with you on your journey in spirit if not in person. X

  3. Anonymous · March 6, 2016


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