Relay for Life…

So where do we start…. well the story starts with Kate who we hadn’t really known that long came to talk to us about some survivor thing and an event that runs alongside race for life but involves teams relaying around an athletics track for 24 hours. However this word kept coming up survivor… what does it mean to you?? (this is something i talked about in a previous blog post) for now back to relay for life 2015. I agreed to not go as a survivor but i would get some teams together to participate in what sounded like an awesome weekend and a good way for me and all my amazing friends to get together for one very important cause!!!

Pre relay, myself, Sonia and Vicky attend the teams banner making session. Having not met many of the committee yet we shyly arrive and begin to make ‘The Incredibles’ banner. Here I find a hidden talent of mine…drawing, I smash out 15 incredible bodies and a baby one for baby M. The shyness soon disappeared and we end up rolling on the floor laughing making the banner, sticking each member of our teams faces on an incredible body. The shyness has never returned to the relay committees delight 🙂

Next up start fundraising for the team. Harriet, Sonia, Suzieeee, Vicky, Nick and I head off to Cambridge United to hold some buckets (not shake them) to collect generous peoples spare change at one of their home games. I loved this, fundraising and a football match, BRILLIANT! This is the day I realise Suzieee has a VERY blue car!

With support from our friends and family our team alone raised a whopping £2,686.80!!!

Relay weekend is rapidly approaching, getting very excited! We need to get a tent, thank god Hannah has some, plus what is a mansion for herself lol (by the way i hate tents and camping).

Captain Sonia makes a very complex rota for who is to walk when and for how long. We are ready to go. Robyn is first up on the rota and not only does she smash out the first hour but also demonstrates her immense ability to put up tents in very windy conditions. Same again this year please Robyn! Rest of the team follow suit, walking in pairs, supporting each other, celebrating Harriet’s birthday, spending time with Chelle and Jade, winning the scavenger hunt and banner competition. This made me feel so lucky for the group of friends i have.

Along with my team, Tim entered a ‘Gretton Avengers’ team, who created an average banner, Rach entered a “Gretton’s got a bobsleigh team”, team, I think they won best team name. Having so many of my favourite people all in one place made the weekend so special for me. I really appreciated my “spirit of relay’ award, nearly as much as Kate appreciated the pie in the face I gave her…all in aid of charity!

In summary…Relay for life was an amazing event and one i was so glad i got to share with the most amazing friends and family. THANK YOU ALL!!!! Consisting of some crazy fancy dress, hilarious banter, fireworks, silent disco, crazy challenges, candle of hope and more importantly a celebration of love and support whilst fighting such a horrendous disease!! The weekend raised over £35,000, what a magnificent achievement. Lets smash that this year!

Below are some photos of this awesome weekend, thank you to everyone who got involved and attached is also the link sign up get a team together, honestly it is an amazing event!!!


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Or you can donate below, thank you in advance!;jsessionid=C7F8094D39671763E84DC6307AC5D9D2.app30101b?idb=230962317&df_id=1600&FR_ID=1566&mfc_pref=T&PROXY_ID=8855&PROXY_TYPE=22&1600.donation=form1


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  1. Vicky Neal · March 14, 2016

    I love this post!! We literally have the best group of friends ever! Incredible doesn’t even cover it! Please sign up for relay if you haven’t already, you’ll try it once and want to be part of it every year! Love you Sammi xxx

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