Scan 3 (August 2015)

The summer has been a busy one and one i have definitely tried to make the most of, involving a cheeky little trip to Santorini to get some much needed sun. However this taught me that flying after chemo and not having that weekend to rest takes a massive toll on my body and that domperidone (sounds like expensive champagne) comes in very handy. Hey you don’t know unless you try. So bang in the middle of the summer August to be precise another little cheeky scan comes around. Again the same feelings arise of dread, worry and panic but remaining positive from the brilliant news from the previous scan.

So this is scan 3 in total and we are 6 months into treatment. The scan is booked for a Saturday of all days and 9:15am that rules out the lie in and i didn’t even know these scanner people worked on weekends. So off we go to the CT scanner and again the same experience, least i know the routine. Get port fitted, remove all jewellery, don’t wear anything with metal, lay down, get injected with some contrast and then some very funny breathing exercises.

All finished, try and get back to my weekend an the rest of my summer holiday thankfully i don’t like to keep still and try and fill my time with as much activity and adventure as i can. Just over a week later and its clinic and the results, like some really crazy X Factor episode sat there awaiting my fate.

Dr Awesome has good news again, takes her a while to use the computer but we finally see the image of the shrinking tumours, woo woo go chemo.

So results from August was that the tumours had shrunk again, one by 10mm and another by 7mm, wow how big were these things to start with no wonder they could only see my liver on admittance to A&E they have been having a party in there for far too long.

So good news for now, time to smash some more of this chemo and enjoy life.