Skiing… how will the body cope!!

Although December and January were very daunting months for various reasons as explained in previous posts, it was also an opportunity i took to spend time with people i love and celebrate a new year with friends and family. Something i wasn’t sure i would ever be able to do again was ski. A relatively new hobby in my life however something i loved and wanted to do as often as possible, I don’t believe in ‘lets just ski for an hour’ malarky, it is a whole day activity i do to my maximum, planning and testing ourselves on some challenging routes is why i love it so much. So when Dr Awesome suggested this could be a possibility back in September i was very excited, an extra week after chemo to let the body recover and then woop woop off skiing we go, lets see how far i can push myself. Not only did i get to do something i love, i got to share with a group of people i love, what more could a girl want HEY!!! So thanks to everyone that made that trip awesome in their own way.


Off to St Anton we went, somewhere we had visited before, but it is a great ski resort and in the same typical Sam fashion i tried not to let anything stop me skiing everyday with the occasional frustration of my body not being able to keep up with what my mind wanted to achieve, However, i did ski everyday and the main point was i got to ski and be up in the mountains, we even threw in a bit of tobogganing which was EPIC!!! 


One annoyance was everyone, well most, snuck off for a cheeky deep tissue massage to relieve those achey joints, no can do for Sam 🙁 i came home with some very achey calves, thanks Paris for sorting this out for me. Something i learnt is that whats the point in worrying what my body can achieve, lets test it, because at the end of the day if i could keep my mind happy equals a happy then that makes up for the tired achey body!! So guess what instead of the massage i went skiing!! This trip also marked the first beer id had in a very long time so in traditional fashion, beer, friends, family pool and of course the football!!!


A cheeky little mention of the awesome New Year that followed this trip at Lee and Sonia’s, where my group of friends saw in the new year with games, drinks (for them) and fireworks. Then the customary family Christmas dinners thanks to Nan for one and David and Josie for the other. Thanks to all my family and friends that have made this year bearable, manageable and memorable!!