Alberto Balsam coincidence or not?

The hair mystery has been a constant one baffling a lot of people let alone myself, so its growing back YAYYYYYY. But why? Well this question doesn’t appear to be able to be answered no scientific explanation and just luck of the draw. Why after all this time and exactly the same chemo would it begin to grow back, not that I’m complaining this makes me feel very happy and less worried about peoples perceptions from my appearance, making me feel less ill.

Well a bit of a conspiracy theory of mine has arrived regarding this hair loss involving some very well known Alberto Balsam shampoo. I stopped using shampoo for a while obviously had no hair, not much point. However, I decided to start using Alberto Balsam Mango shampoo mainly because it smelt really nice, but by coincidence or whatever my hair began to grow back, slowly but adding a bit of thickness to my very bald looking ponytail (few strands) that i had been trying to hold on to. I begin to get a bit of fuzz all over a making my hair look a lot thicker. So off to Gary I went and had the tiny bit of ponytail snipped and hair cut short as mentioned in a earlier post. Gary recommends some shampoo to start using to prevent the dry, itchy, flakey scalp and some caffeine shampoo which is meant to promote hair growth. So i begin to use this to try and help and for a while it continues to grow, slowly, but grow πŸ™‚

A bit further down the line my hair appears to stop growing and has stalled growth for a fair few weeks, I begin to panic that its going to fall out again, although people reassure me its not falling out just not growing.

Off to Iceland i head and whilst away share shampoo with Vicky, so her choice and guess what its Alberto Balsam. During this week away i use it every day and on return people comment on how much thicker and fuller my hair looks, its started growing again πŸ™‚

So coincidence, luck, or whatever in my brain this Alberto Balsam has got some weird magic effect on my head, lets see how long that lasts. Safe to say though it is now a vital part of my hair routine and will remain part of it πŸ™‚

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