Wednesday 3rd Feb…Just a standard chemo day or so we thought…



So we begin our trip to the hospital, like usual. Stop off at Glassworld to see our awesome picture of the cheque hand over that will be going up in the oncology unit. Little stop at Tescos to get the standard snacks (galaxy caramel is a firm fav!). We arrive and I am asked to take a seat on what can only be described as a dentist chair, which is a temporary chair until more arrive. Once Vicky has pressed every button on the chair, leaving me seated in all kinds of positions, I receive my tablets and injection prior to receiving treatment. As I wait for my drugs, a man brings in a lady in a wheelchair, I have no idea his relationship to this lady, he is not her husband as he follows in later. After some terrible dad jokes from him, he leaves and place is quieter again, until myself and Vicky crack up with laughter at each other, disturbing others from their reading – sorry! Normal drug goes through, time flying by as we debate with our chair neighbours whether the flowers on the divider are lavender or bluebells. Missing Harriet lots today as she is at home waiting for Baby M to arrive. Next, Cetuximab gets hocked up, set for 2 hours and away we go. After a while i suddenly start to feel sick and Vicky tells me I do not look well. I try to drink water (shop brought obviously) and close my eyes but the sick feeling gets stronger. The machine then bleeps signalling the end of the drug inducing…ITS ONLY BEEN 25 MINUTES!!! Nurse goes to speak to Lovely Lizzie who reassures me from their bible that it is ok to have it sped up a bit (by 1 hour) but I should let them know if i am feeling sick, cold or dizzy. Hmmm do I tell them that I feel very sick and a bit faint? Its not in my nature to complain, however I do not want to be sick in front of all these people. Lovely Lizzie goes to fetch Doctor Obvious who comes over and informs us…”I know whats happened, the cetuximab has gone through too quickly!”. Brilliant, what does that mean?! I am prescribed my anti-sickness drugs early and take one of those, still feeling sick after a while another anti-sickness steroid is pumped through the machine into me as well, great more weight put on! Sickness feeling gets slightly under control, but this horrible fuzzy headache comes over me and I can no longer focus and read the posters on the wall. Kate comes to visit me, as she does which i really appreciate, and recognises that I do not look well and so I inform her of my sickness feeling and terrible headache. Josie arrives in this time and I explain whats happened, Kelly-Anne also comes along, thanks guys I am super supported by my family! Kate goes to speak to Doctor Obvious and they phone Dr Awesome to see what to do. Options at this point are:

  • Go home sleep it off and come in tomorrow for the chemo – HELL NO!
  • Stay in over night – WHATT!!!
  • Wait, have 10 gallons of liquid pumped into me to rehydrate me and see if I feel better later.

So I go for the waiting option. Kate speaks to Doctor Obvious and explains that I find it difficult to tell others if I don’t feel well. This makes me reflect on my life and wonder if I had made a fuss sooner, years ago maybe, would this have been spotted? I then tell Kate about the pain in my left shoulder that I had yesterday, the same pain that I felt at the start of this process, Kate assures me not to worry, the right shoulder is linked to liver. Surprise Suprise, she is right again.

I take some paracetamol to try and clear the headache, but its still raging, like being pounded in the head repeatedly. Kate checks on me again, and knows I am still not right. She phones Dr Awesome again and this time I have to speak to her. She asks me HONESTLY how i am feeling, so I inform her of my bad head and sickness. I want to crack on with chemo, go home and deal with the side affects as they come. Dr Awesome then lets Doctor Obvious know that if thats what i want to do, then once a large amount of fluid is pumped in and if the sickness has eased then crack on with chemo we go. Doctor Obvious points out a rash on my face, I cannot see my own face so I don’t know if this is worse or just the rash I have adopted from the treatment. Kate assures her its normal. Big brother David is desperate to come and visit me, to offer me any support he can, I love him! By this time I just wanted to shut my eyes and get through the day so ask him to stay at home and I will let him know when I am home safe. After a little wander around the hospital I return and receive the calcium followed by the chemo. I have a 20 minute power nap during this time and Vicky starts recording some of the days events. A highlight she recorded was that during this time Kate, Josie and Kelly-Anne are all stood around me and a guy next to me asks when he will get this kind of attention and would he receive a hug from me, like the one I gave to the nurse reassuring her I was not angry about the situation. I said later, unfortunately this guy has a good memory and later came along and he asked for his hug, I gave it to him because I am a nice person.

Finally I am discharged and with my pump in my pocket, don’t tell JENNY (angry voice), Vicky takes me home to lay in a dark room to sleep off what was a very long, draining day.

Throughout the afternoon, all I could think about was that I wanted to go out for dinner with Krissie for her birthday. I was so happy to be asked to attend the traditional Taylor birthday dinner that the thought of missing it made me sad. Krissie, we will have to go and try the new all you can eat buffet from around the world another time. Sorry! Thanks for understanding!

Krissie on holiday

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  1. Anonymous · April 19, 2016

    I remember that day well – I think the statement by Dr Obvious must have been the only funny thing that kept you going 🙂 xx

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