I swear they’re trying to get rid of me…

Me and Megan head to chemo, a late one this time, so I already know its gonna be a long day and going to be there till the late evening, probably missing the Arsenal vs Barcelona Kick Off, but oh well off we go.

When we arrive Kate still worried about my apparently ‘productive cough’, so we go through to some room, which i don’t ever want to revisit as I’m pretty sure its the same room that appears in my nightmares. Dr comes and checks my chest all fine so as long as i feel well enough can continue woo woo!!

Day doesn’t get off to a great start as takes numerous times to get my port in and working, thank you Jenny for sorting this out :)!!! Port feeling a bit sensitive from all the prodding the routine begins (well so we thought).

All the usual happens take my pre meds, with my Evian and sit and wait while some sodium chloride is pumped through me. However, up goes my Cetuximab a bit of a change to the years running order, so i just ask this best to be safe than sorry, apparently no problem with changing the order as long as have all the pre meds and injections in the right places. So it all continues, cetuximab finishes, bit of fluid and then comes round the dreaded jab, which is becoming much easier and less painful or my poor left arm is used to this biweekly battering.

Up goes the irinotecan and ready and waiting for the fuzzy head that accompanies this, so we start a quiz after we finished Bridgeman’s anagrams (thank you very much). The bloke next door joins in with our quiz leading to a very detailed conversation about New Zealand as that is where he currently lives and works.

All of a sudden though my right arm, goes burning hot and itchy and has a massive red patch. I see how it goes for 20minutes but still really itchy and getting hotter, so i decide now is probably time to tell the nurse. Who gives me some saline to try and cool it down, appears to work as the itchiness and heat isn’t increasing.

On the journey home this rash and heat begins to increase and spread to my legs :(!! I catch the second half of the Arsenal game and go to bed in the hope that this goes by the morning. At 5 am i awake with the same feeling however even hotter!!! Try to get a bit more sleep and ignore this but by 7am thats not really possible and the itchiness has spread to my back. Now my arms, legs and back are on fire. So i tell mum and we decide that much to my unwillingness this is probably one of those times when we have to call the emergency oncology line!! After explaining the symptoms they want me to go up there to get it checked out so off we go back to the hospital and have to sit in the weird area that I’ve never been in before but hey i get a bed 🙂 unfortunately funny Matthew isn’t there, no banter today :(!!

The doctor comes over has a little look and thinks it is a reaction to the cetuximab and although the order shouldn’t make a difference he feels that the change in this routine may have been the trigger. Off he goes to consult a dermatologist about what can be put on the rash. He decides that i need some steroid cream and some different anti histamines that i need to take daily, so take one whilst there just to check i react okay to it then off we leave. However, they have also packed me up with some steroids if it doesn’t improve by the morning (don’t like those things so fingers crossed)!

Come the morning the rash isn’t as hot and way less itchy so when the hospital ring no need for the emergency steroids woop woop!!!