Bucketlist… Power of the letter…

It might seem a bit cliche as everyone talks about having a bucket-list, however this was nothing new for me. I have always had a bucket list or just a really extravagant to do list, all this process did was encourage me to tick a few more of these things off a little bit quicker, well actually at quite a rapid speed. Yes, at times, over the past year it has been really shit and not a particularly pleasant experience, however it has led to me being able to achieve a fair few amazing things that perhaps i wouldn’t have experienced in 2015.

So we joke about the power of the letter, I’ve always been quite against using it mainly because, yes i am ill and been diagnosed with this horrible disease however, i have an amazing life, been brought up by the most wonderful parents with the support of a loving family and surrounded by what can only be described as the most awesome bunch of friends anyone could want. So i often feel undeserving of any special treatment and feel there are people out there struggling through various other experiences, similar or not, that don’t have all these tremendous things. Also, yes we’re not minted, but we’re comfortable and throughout my life i have been able to experience things that others may not so although this part is pretty shit and ridiculously bad luck, there are people worse off.

So below is my bucket list and some of the amazing things i have been able to cross off:

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 17.33.37

Im sure this list will get added to as i go on but for now its just an easy thing to focus on and think of all the things i still want to experience and achieve. It may never get completed however it does allow me to look at the things that are hugely important to me in my life!! Thank you to all that have helped me complete some of the things on my list, but also a massive thanks to the people that have achieved and experienced these alongside me!

If anyone has got any weird and wonderful things that they feel may interest me and might make the list please feel free to leave a comment!!