Back to reality with a bang…

So whilst i was away had some random shoulder and chest pain, originally thinking the air bed and just tiredness i carried on as per. After a couple of days though this pain hadn’t really shifted. So checked with Kate and Dr Awesome if there anything i could take… Dex (the deadly steroid) well i got none of those so back to waiting till i return and what i think a routine blood test before the next adventure at the end of the weekend.

Return from Vegas on the Friday and straight to the hosp for bloods… well so i thought. We check in with the receptionist and she says I’m not down for an appointment but have a CT at 2. I think she’s got it wrong so i sit down and wait. Kate pops over your going to hate me and before she could finish her sentence i say “i have a CT scan at 2 don’t i?” correct, the lady at reception is correct Dr Awesome wants the scan a week early just to check everything is okay and functioning properly, well fingers crossed.

Crazy brain of Sam’s hits overdrive and is determined to fit a weeks worth of worry into a few hours, The results should be with us by the afternoon in time for Dr Strong Name to give the results. So the waiting begins.

Off i pop for the CT scan totally not prepared have metal on my jeans and forget to take all my jewellery off, oh well its all done and over relatively quickly this time, so back to waiting room for the waiting before the results.

Finally the appointment comes round to check everything okay, and before we can even say much Dr Strong Name states the scans look positive and the tumours are still shrinking and CEA markers still down. Shows us the images and all looks to be good, well as good as my scans can look!! So thats that worry over for a while and now time to actually getting back to killing all these pesky tumours!

Home to get some sleep i go, thank god has been a long day on top of the jet lag!