glass half full PMA

Common question i get is how your doing? how are things? and i love people asking because it just shows me that i am surrounded and supported by some of the most amazing people. However i have to answer these questions in a medical setting a variety of times and especially every clinic appointment.

Dr Awesome will know i have a fairly common answer “i’m fine”, “all good” and “all okay” but the other day i started to realise is that really the answer…. well the bottom line is yes it is. However there are various other thoughts and feelings that go through my brain when that question is asked. Some depicted in the word cloud below…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.47.19

So why do i answer “i’m fine” or “im all good” because in general although there is some crazy ass tumours growing in my body and some really dangerous chemicals flowing around my body (as my duvet knows only too well) thats how i feel. Yes lots of other feelings arise and normally on the evening of chemo or the next day always helps when i begin to start feeling myself again. Mainly “i’m fine” though because i cant change it and i expect to feel these ways well actually regularly i expect to feel worse so i am so thankful that i don’t most of the time and can go out and live my life yeah maybe a bit quicker but as most will agree (especially Dean) thats how I’ve always lived my life!!! At 100mph as Tinie Tempah said!!

Mainly though why generally “i’m fine” or “all good” because i believe a positive mental attitude or PMA is the thing that is going to carry me and the people around me through this… i don’t have time to not have a positive attitude otherwise my bucket list wont shrink, i wont laugh over 15 times a day and i wont achieve all i want to. Surround yourself with positive people (tick), have fun (tick), spend time with friends and family (tick), live your life (tick), be grateful (SAS gratitude journal).

So alongside all those pretty glum words heres a word cloud of all the other things i think and feel…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.45.27

Someone once said sometimes ‘fake it to make it’, this doesn’t mean literally fake you as thats not something I’ve ever done or will do, I’m me what you see is what you get… but at times we do and all do fake how we feel and i think at times thats important to make the shift from feeling a bit glum to getting that smile back on my face. The more positive you tell yourself you feel the happier you are likely to become and remain. Obviously this cant be all the time but turn that frown upside down 🙂 Hey there is too much in this world to live for and really live. places i want to see, things i want to do, things i want to achieve, time i want to spend with people, people i want to meet.








Live your life glass half full 🙂

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  1. Liz · June 29, 2016

    You are an inspiration we can never thank you enough for how much you have helped us. We go into the next stage with our eyes open and a PMA – thank you xx

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