Pretty Muddy 2016

During two crazy conversations, one over dinner with the football girls and one on a very crazy evening with Sonia it was decided we were going to run Pretty Muddy a mix of football lot (Sharon, Jo and Oliver) and myself, Sonia and Liz.


Peterborough was the destination and 2nd of July the set date, as this date moves closer it is clear it is a Saturday after chemo. For anyone who doesn’t know Saturday is often the day i feel the worst, tired and normally sick but no i decided that at least walking Pretty Muddy was a good idea, much to Kate’s disapproval, but hey Dr Strong name said JUST CRACK ON!!! (big thumbs up)!!! I occasionally changed my mind thinking it may not be a sensible idea, but hey it was something i wanted to do, anyone who knows me from a little child, mud certain doesn’t bother me 🙂

2nd July comes round and Me, Vicky, Harriet and obviously Isla head off to Peterborough for our 11:15am start. Myself and Sonia had decided walking with an occasional jog, this is slightly inevitable with waiting for the obstacles anyway. 10 different obstacles all involving mud and water but a fantastic atmosphere and a great event, ending with a slide into a pool of mud as shown below.


We all finish it looking a very different colour to what we started and a lot wetter, we all pick up our medals with pride and all end it with huge smiles!! Massive Success…


In desperate need of sugar, so me and Isla head off to buy an abundance of Pick and Mix before we head home and get in a well deserved hot bath!!! Before we head off out to celebrate Laura Cauchi becoming an official teacher, as Vicky will tell you getting me to get ready was a challenge,

but i make it and a few Red Bulls get me through!!