So the Thursday I get back, there was just a little reminder that life wasn’t totally back to normal and the hospital still did exist and back to regular visits was looming… yeah the title gave it away, my next CT scan. I’m becoming better at trying to ignore these and not panic about them (scanxiety), the results are inevitable at the end of the day, i have no control over them or change them. Best form of avoidance is keeping busy, so thats what i did, threw myself into work and managed to complete a full week the first in 18months, boy that feels good to say.

So off we trot to the hospital for a 7:30pm appointment, who knew CT was even open at this time!! Before that though, a casual quick radio interview regarding our living sports award nomination for the #KickCancerCup, i’m sure a post will follow. Off we go to get the port accessed, yeah never as easy as it sounds, after a fair few attempts boom its in and with a flash of an eye the scan is complete.

Thanks to the amazing support from the hospital, i don’t have to deal with scanxiety for too long and Dr Awesome will discuss the results on Monday. I try to hide it but i’m a worrier, always have been.



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  1. Mel Pepperell · November 18, 2016

    A full week of work! You go girl! Xxxx

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