I wasn’t expecting that… well i sort of was (results)

Having just had my CT scan the wait for results day begins. Dr Awesome doesn’t leave it too long and the day arrives. Not much you can do, so I go into work in the morning to distract myself. All I can do is hope that my body has continued to keep fighting and the meds are doing their job.

So, the last CT scan said that the tumours were stable, i took this as at some point the inevitable of them not working wasn’t far away, but at that point it meant no growth and no spread.

Well lets put it this way, its not a great sign if they’re not that bothered about what my bi weekly bloods show. So in we go to find out, what has happened in this last 3 months to the tumours inside of me.

Not Great news, but as pointed out not terrible in the grand scheme of things! One of the stupid tumours in my liver (yes that annoying one in the awkward place anyway) has started regrowing. Almost doubled in size 🙁 !! The stupid thing has finally found a defence to the irinotecan, Cetuximab and 5FU. Those damn cells have mutated and changed and found a way round this nasty (disgusting) cocktail. So it means i have become resistant to the current chemo, so what awaits is some uncertainty, options and a bit of change. After 38 very long rounds of this combination (Duke – was I close to the record?) our partnership is over and now I need to find a new drug partner.

Back to the feeling of unknown, not sure what to do, what to try, wether to have a bit of a break and a lot of thinking ‘what the hell is going on inside of me!!’ After a little bit of processing time I decided today isn’t the day to make the decision, so away we go, some food for thought (thank god im seeing Chelle tonight!) time to weigh some options up. Decisions decisions decisions…


  1. Tam · November 30, 2016

    Pal you are an inspiration ,I know you but don’t know you ,ever since I got involved in ladies football and heard your story most of it I just could not believe as I sat on the bench at Fulbourn watching you play thinking no way well done girl, I have nothing but respect for you , sort out your next treatment and get it on what ever it take’s , from a big fan .

  2. Stephanie · November 30, 2016

    How very dare your tumours react that way!
    Terrible behaviour.
    You’re an amazing fighter Sam, sort out the next treatment.

  3. Samantha Isaacson · November 30, 2016

    Thanks Tam. Means a lot!!

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