Radioactive again… time to glow!

Random bone pain has arisen and decided it has wanted to stick around for numerous weeks. Mainly in my lower back and i cant seem to shift it. Its also in my shins, random but annoying and probably just another side effect from all this posion (round 40 something).

Having not seen Dr Awesome for a while, my appointments are in other Dr’s hands or Kim’s. Finally we’ve sorted out the anti sickness this problem (touchwood), so over to the mystery bone pain.

Off to Dr Checklist we go, who after a quick catch up about the sports personality awards, we work through his detailed and very thorough checklist. We get to the bone pain, Is it still there yes?, are you taking pain relief?, has it got better? not really.


So Dr Checklist recommends that i get scheduled for a bone scan which will come through in the post and give us more of an idea of if its anything to worry about.

Appointment comes through for the 19th Jan, however due to that being a chemo week it gets moved to the Tuesday at 9:00am. It will be a long day, injection of radioactive dye in the morning (i will be glowing again and radioactive) followed by a 4 hour wait for it to work its magic, then return for the scan. Yes i know i struggle with waiting but with my iPod up to date, a visit from Harriet we catch up over Costa the 4 hours breeze by, a quick little catch up with Dr Strong name helped.

Anyone would have thought i was already glowing after Mondays encounters. Dr Awesome decided i looked really well and my face in shining. This was followed by a very theatrical moment from the receptionist “OMG your glowing, look how well you look” i check behind me thinking she was talking to someone else, but it was me. Bless her kind words. Hey, I guess thats the bonus of my cetuximab rash disappearing i appear to look genuinely healthier 🙂


Bone Scan post to follow….

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