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CT results were due on the 20th Feb, however due to having the scan a week early Dr Awesome says i can pop in and see her for the results on the following Monday, so a week before expected. These results should show wether the new chemo has been working and wether the tumours are shrinking or stable again.

After the news after the last scan i though scanxiety may hit an all time high, however weirdly i feel remarkably calm and positive about these results. This is probably because i have been monitoring my CEA levels with intensnsity (thanks Kate) and they have dropped for the first time in a few months to 2.5 which is within normal range, suggesting that the tumours are not very active, so therefore providing lots of hope for a positive scan result.

However, these results come about in a weird and unexpected way, Sunday i find myself not playing football, which i was hoping to do, but instead I’m sat on the sofa unable to do much or unable to move without being sick. After a day of this not really improving, i check my temperature and surprise surprise is up to 37.9 and 38 🙁 knowing this likely means a trip up the hospital i try and ignore it for a bit but with no luck.

So, you guessed it, off to A&E i go to try and get this temperature under control. The usual occurs, we need to take bloods give you fluids and get you some antibiotics but this time with a strange twist. As you all know, i have a port and for a long time i have joked about being able to access it myself and remove my pump myself after the disasters we have had, but i know the answer is a NO!! However, this time the nurse rings oncology and apparently they inform her i can access my own port ha ha yeah if you like!! At least it provided me and mum with a bit of humour.

Finally, all the bloods are done, after some bruising and lots of cannula and port attempts I’ve got the fluid and antibiotics and starting to feel a bit more human off to a ward i go. No not C9, C10 this time.


Thankfully, when the morning comes round Dr Strong Name is on duty and he comes round to check if I’m okay, he thinks if i can keep down some food then i can be out of here by 11:55, very precise but that makes me happy. Then he decides to let me know my results there and then as normal with his very few words ‘ everything is fine, continue chemo’ hmmm. Good news but not really the detailed information i like (off to see Dr awesome we go). So with my bacon sandwich in hand i have some breakfast and yay it stays down and temperature is down so i can go. However this nurse comes and puts up 6 hours of fluids… no i don’t want to be here more than 6 hours. Thankfully Matthew arrives he’s not normally up here but he obviously knows i want to get out of here so sorts it all out and woo woo I’m on my way.

Pop down to see Dr Awesome who explains that the tumours are stable (see previous blog for more details), which is a word i struggle with but simply it means there is a little bit of shrinkage but not enough to state that the tumours have shrunk. So after the news at the last scan this is really good news, more chemo to follow… but hey it appears to be working.

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  1. Liz Neal · March 1, 2017

    You are an amazing young lady – having experienced scanxiety with Paul at the end of last year we totally get where you are coming from and that word needs to be in Scrabble! You bring the definition of ‘unconventional’ to a different level xx

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