Psychological Experiment..

As normal, we’re sat waiting for Monday clinic, no rush and just waiting till our time minding our own business when the fire alarm starts going off, no one seems to move an inch or even query what the alarm is.

No one moves, no one queries it, me and Vicky decide we should probably leave, after all thats what your taught when you hear an alarm. Staff start rushing around and looking at alarms etc, but yet still no patient moves. Me and Vicky start to wonder if we are in some kind of psychological experiment, who leaves, when do you leave, do people follow or do they remain. A few minutes laters, a lady rocks up and states she is the first responder, she is at least the 15th person to respond!! Not filled us with confidence. 

Reminds me of a study by Ash someone who looks at people actions during perceived emergency situations such as fire alarms. Who stated that people reactions were based on past experiences, others reaction, overhearing discussions, knowledge/fire training, feeling of security, age and stress/anxiety level.

We decide until Dr Awesome leaves (this never happens) there is nothing to panic about and we are probably okay sat where we are. Just as an abundance of security guards come and shut all of the doors as they are fire doors so all will be okay. Not sure i want to try and sit in a room whilst the doors are on fire and the fire is trying to get through. We check with Chris and she says no were okay (we only need to leave if the alarm becomes continuous, tho it sounds pretty continuous now) and Dr Awesome will collect all her important things her bag her coat (probably diet coke) and hopefully me on the way through. Can you imagine the waist of time and resources if they let that waiting room get swamped by a fire. We decide to stay just before the alarm finally stops sounding and all returns to normal like it never happened.

Day carries on as normal, i go to clinic appointment with the alarm still sounding, but everyone carrying on with there day to day tasks. When Dr Awesome announces yeah i can smell smoke but just carry on!!! Unbelievable! Apparently it was all from a bonfire in the house opposite the hospital. Ah well it made us chuckle for the rest of the day.