April Adventures Part 1 – Kuhtai

Sorry i have neglected the blog this month and not really updated or written anything. This month has been full of adventure, memories, bucketlist fulfilling and some medical appointments been thrown in as well, just of safe keeping.

As i have mentioned in previous posts, the new chemotherapy (Oxaliplatin) can and is meant to make me really sensitive to the cold and creates horrible neuropathy. Yes i have experienced some of these from not being able to see at football thanks to the cold, to my legs feeling like they are on fire anything i hit the outside. So the end of Mach i decided a trip Skiing was necessary, you know, why not, carry on bucking every tend. Fit in some snow before potentially this cold situation gets a lot worse.

So off to Kuhtai, Austria we head with the family and although vey run down from the chemo at the beginning and the drain of the altitude we had an absolute blast. Skiing, drinking, eating and laughing. 

                  Kuhtai 2017 from Samantha Isaacson on Vimeo.