April Adventures Part 2 – Russia its been a pleasure!!

Russia its been a pleasure
Leaving us with moments to treasure
Many countries we passed through
Where to next i don’t have a clue

Ukraine, Denmark and Estonia to name a few
Helsinki to board the boat, hoping Meg don’t spew
We have travelled air, land and sea
Finally we got to Russia Whoopee

Customs was a bit of a mare
Although they have perfected a silent stare
My passport they did not believe
My face does not match, i strongly disbelieve

After what felt like days
They finally showed me the way
Reunited with the other two
Ready to plough on through

Off to St Petersburg we go
Droup our bags, where to we don’t know
Head in a friendly cab
He definitely had the gift of the gab

Segway was our vehicle around town
Hearing stories of those who wore the crown
Nicolai was our guide
Ready for an awesome ride!

In the palace was where many reside
However one King chose to hide
So a castle was built for him
Except the future turned out grim

Another story of the elephant from Kazakhstan
He probably walked through Pakistan
The elephant became very ill
Vodka was seen as the best pill
They hoped litres of vodka would help the mend
Unfortunately alcohol poisoning was the end

These were a few of many stories told
Whilst segwaying through the buildings of gold
There was no better way to see monuments and more
It was by far the very best tour

We even got to visit the little bronze bird
Very few may not have even heard
Sitting along the river bank, to bring good luck to those
Who flip a coin onto the shelf that has been chose

To the Hermitage we made a special trip
We decided to give the inside a skip
Art has never been my strong point
I choose to capture art from a high viewpoint

Back to the hotel for a well deserved rest
Putting the jacuzzi, pool and spa to the test
Next was dinner in the dark, we’ll pitch black
Using our cutlery has become a knack

Trying to guess everything we ate
Vicky was nearly asleep on her plate
The experience was immense
Creating lots and lots of suspense

After a good nights sleep
Lots of chats – some deep
We arise the next day ready to escape
The escape game i mean having to evade professor Snape

Escaping with time to spare
Sam had an absolute mare
Russian i can not read
A skill that was definitely in need

Off for food we head
Stroganoff Meg read
Random mix of authentic food we choose
With nothing but Roubles to lose

They call us a taxi off to the port we head
In the cheapest taxi going straight ahead
Port we arrive more customs to dread
Lets hope the photo matches my head

Waheyy we are in
For our final voyage to begin
Finland, Ukraine and Estonia to pass
Unfortunately not first class

With tales to tell photos to show
Awesome trip from the word go
Many memories to treasure
Russia you have been a pleasure


  1. Liz · April 28, 2017

    What a great way to let us know about your trip – absolutely love this blog xx

  2. Seb · April 28, 2017

    Excellent poetry here Sam! Loved reading it and hearing about Russia (etc) Adventures ?