April Adventures Part 3 – Hong Kong

The final part of the amazing adventures of April was Hong Kong, unsure what to expect really i’m not always a big city fan. It really is though a City of opposites, massively modern city filled with skyscrapers and the latest technology then down the road, traditional street markets scatter the streets and there are stilt villages situated by the water. Truly a city where business people and locals really mix.

One day eating waffles at the highest indoor observation deck in the world, the next wandering around a water village built on stilts seeing a pink dolphin (much to all our surprises).

It feels like a city built on top of each other with the central areas split into levels and believe it or not, just like walking round John Lewis, it is all connected by outdoor escalators running through the middle of their city!! Lots and lots of stairs leading to some very achey calves, thank god for an awesome (if not slightly painful) massage.

Away from the high rise buildings, which offer some amazing views of the city, there is lovely green parks and waterways that edge the city. Climbed up to the top of the Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping. Explored various street markets, trying some amazing food and exploring the abundance of local stalls.

Well, this was the opposite to Russia a complete other world, humidity central but with no sight of the sun!! Yes you guessed at some point we completed another escape room well actually maybe 2 lol! Honestly, i recommend them to anyone, some of them are really creatively designed and offer a new experience every time.

Why not throw in another country, so off to Macau we head, technically part of Mainland China. It really is a re creation of Vegas almost a copy cat city, total contrast to the floating village we had been at earlier in the day. Off to see Cirque De Soleil, don’t think Chelle new what to expect but as always an amazing show and definitely worth the watch.

Bonus of the week i have managed to eat Chinese, Cantonese food something i haven’t been able to do since i started chemo!

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  1. Liz · May 6, 2017

    Before reading this I knew very little HK. You notice tiny details that would pass many by, it is so interesting to read about your trips. I love hearing about your adventures xx

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