Power of Writing

The oncology waiting room is a strange, scary but also fascinating place and provides conversations that you would not hear anywhere else between people that don’t know each other, and in normal life would probably never have come in contact. Well Friday presented me with one of those wonderful conversations where we discussed life and death as if it was the norm. People around us may have thought it strange, but it provoked a question about support groups etc and it made us both realise how writing things down had almost become therapeutic, not only benefitting us but also the people around us.

It made me realise the power and the benefit writing has on me but also others around me. Wether it is a to do list, an email, a story, a blog, a poem or just a scrappy note. Writing things down with pen or paper or the keys of a keyboard is powerful and important for us as individuals. Ive always been a big believer in physically writing your goals or ambitions down, so they can be seen and you can really focus in on them and as i have grown up i have definitely appreciated the need of a written to do list, maybe its so i actually remember or just that once its written i feel like you actually commit to trying to complete it.

I wasn’t sure how this blog thing would go or what i would write and wether it would be helpful, hopefully it has been helpful to others wether it be understanding, knowing etc it has also been helpful for me, to switch off and write, its amazing how when you start writing you seem to forget all the other little things around you or that were buzzing around your head. Lately poems have become something i’ve tried, hoping to explain some sort of emotion or experience in rhymes.