How much can you cram in to May half term week?? – FA CUP FINAL

The start of half term saw the FA Cup Final, yes Arsenal had a chance to win a trophy after what had been a pretty disappointing season, missing out on the champions league, not really challenging for the title and screams for Wenger Out (don’t know where i completely stand on that point)! Grass isn’t always greener but we wont know until it happens.

I was fortunate enough to get some tickets for the FA Cup Final and was praying and hoping for a repeat of the fantastic and winning day we had back in 2015!! I got to take my brother to the biggest game he has ever seen and experience the true atmosphere of Wembley and a Cup Final!!

What a day it was!!! leaving Wembley singing our hearts out with the very little voice we had left after all our chanting and singing!!