Bucketlist update…

I have been very lucky and managed to cross off some amazing things off of my bucket list (below) and some shown in the collage are the ones i have completed. Thanks to all the people who have provided me the opportunity, organised these events, joined me, photographed it and shared these amazing moments with me!!

Completed list below:

Go to Mexico Fly First Class Sky Dive Colour Run
Blue Lagoon See Northern Lights (twice) Ride a motorbike – CBT (scariest thing) Movie Premiere
FA Cup Final (twice) and 2 wins  Wimbledon Get a Hoverboard Go to Diving Competition
BBC Sports Personality Hestons Restaurant Take David to Arsenal game Take David to watch England game
Ski Again Scuba Dive British Superbikes Stay at ShangriLa
Pre Season FIJI San Fransisco – see bear Get Piercing
Fly a Plane Go to NFL Game Swim with Turtles Visit Prison for a day
#Kickcancercup Vote Stay at Hotel football Go to Poland

However, I have added extra things to it. Mainly as not sure what happens when someone finished a bucket list – I don’t want to just fall of the edge of the earth. Also, other people have come up with some amazing suggestions. So if you have anything i should add to the below list please message, comment or let me know…I love to hear other ideas or experiences others have appreciated, valued or loved.

Attend Cooking Class La Tomatina Step foot in all 7 continents (Antarctica left) Ride a Vespa (Vespa tour)
Drive in Movie Continue mine and Chelle’s promise Leave a legacy Champions League Final
Formula 1 World Cup or Euros #KickCancerCup 2017 Visit St Georges Park
VW Campervan around cornwall Complete second zip wire (booked) Go to Darts Hot air balloon ride
Winter Olympics or Xgames Get new tattoo, i designed Walk on fire Motorcross
Rematch Cauchi Go Karting Whale Watching Meet Aaron Ramsey Sleep in an Igloo
Break a Guinness World Record Great White Shark Dive Enter UK footgolf pairs tournament with Vix Run a Marathon- if have a treatment break (think Dr Awesome escaped)




  1. Pam Bongers · July 22, 2017

    I’ll help you with the marathon Sam. And I can organize the drive-in…theres one down the street from me (in Canada. Get over here!!).

  2. jessica Heslop · July 22, 2017

    If you are serious about the marathon, I’ll donate/transfer my place in the London 2018 Marathon to you?

  3. Samantha Isaacson · July 22, 2017

    No Jess you run it!! Worthy cause and great achievement go smash it!! X

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