D9 i tried my hardest to avoid it :(

D9 has been somewhere since the beginning people have talked about like avoid at all costs, unfairly or not, my opinion is lets just avoid all hospital admissions at all costs. As you will know though from reading my blog i have had a few, still not many, but enough to have tried a few other wards out. C9 still my favourite, why cant i be a slight bit younger lol.

So, how did this admission come round? Who knows? I was well chirpy and doing fine, had done a whole day at work and obviously managed to squeeze a cheeky nandos in… YAYYY! However, on the journey home i begin to feel a bit sick… this decreases and figured it must have just been a busy day.

After speaking to mum for a bit, the headache from hell arrives. I cant stand the light and cant concentrate. So off to bed i go in the hope to sleep it off, sleeping was a challenge. I manage to get some sleep, but at about midnight i wake up, try and head to the bathroom but i cannot move, my body aches and physically wont move and the headache is still there. I manage to get to the bathroom but, like the good patient i am ;), i figure i should take my temperature. Boommmm for the first time the colour on my thermometer changes from green to red, thats not a good sign and it is the highest it has ever been at 38.2. Typically I ignore it for a little bit and i hope in 30minutes it will have decreased. No chance its still above 38. You know what that means mum is on the phone to the hospital and surprise surprise, you are going to have to come up to A&E someone from oncology will meet you there.

Off we head to A&E, thankfully this time there was petrol in my car. Arrive at addenbrookes checked in and get seen very quickly. Now to try and get my port, usually huge challenge, thankfully a lady arrives and she is a superstar first time in and drawing blood, woop woop new A&E hero!!!

Usual checks from the oncologist any other problems, mention my back for good measure, her face doesn’t seem very pleased by this. Oh well, all other checks fine and off to get a chest X-ray after the billion bloods and blood cultures have been taken.

After a few hours in A&E I’m off to a ward via chest X-Ray, i ask which ward they say D9 :(!! About 5:30am arrive in D9, first time I’ve been back in a main ward since my initial admission and for anyone who knows not all of that was a pleasant experience lol!!

Try and get a bit of sleep and an hour later the oncologist from A&E pops by everything seems fine you will be able to go home today 🙂 yayyyy. However the other on call oncologist wants to pop by for safe measure, Dr Pleased comes by states he is very pleased with me so i can go home.

Nothing is that simple though and i have to wait for the ward registrar to see me and hand over some antibiotics, few hours later and i am out of there!! Whilst waiting i add a qualification to my self doctor training by witnessing the staff being trained on the new mattress thingys ha ha!!

Big special thanks to Kate for supplying the water, it was in desperate need!!! Thank You!!!

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  1. Liz · July 22, 2017

    Glad to read that it was just a flying visit, I do think this discharge process could really do with speeding up somehow. Hope to see you soon I need trainers by our front door xx