Hair Today Gone Tomorrow…

As many of you may know i have never been very daring or different with my hair it tends to get stuck in a style for too long. Although i don’t do much with my hair, the thought of losing it was one of the scariest things of this whole experience, it wasn’t about losing my hair as much as losing my identity. Your hair is something that people recognise you for, wether it is the colour or style its you it doest change frequently, well in my case ever. My ponytail was me though and something i didn’t want to lose. I never really did much with my hair other than straighten it for nights out, sometimes may even experiment with a quiff (usually with help from Liz or Harriet).

For me though it was me and it was something i was very scared of losing, mainly because at that time i hadn’t really processed the whole thing and didn’t want people to see me as ill (i still don’t) but i felt losing my hair was a big sign of that.

As many of you will have read, i did lose my hair, well it thinned to almost the point of no return, i got a wig, i cut my hair short and prayed that it would grow back. Blog readers will know it did and it grew back thicker and darker than ever (Lucky), however it didn’t really grow with any style or shape, i didn’t care though it was hair on my head 🙂

This is the look i normally go for:

So over time I’ve tried some styles (well Chelle has) some crazy and some tame, i don’t see myself as a hair stylist this is not my fortay so mainly i leave it how it goes because too me I’m just thankful i wake up every morning and have hair on my head. Below are some various styles I (Chelle) tried.

Id been very reluctant to cut my hair and getting it trimmed a few months after was nearly as emotional as when it began to thin, why cut something i was so grateful of having? However it has come to the time, when I’ve realised i need to make the most of it so i may as well get a haircut and get a new hairstyle and enjoy it… so after a long time i think i may be ready for a haircut. Watch this space…


  1. Liz · September 10, 2017

    Sam, you will be able to carry ANY style off no problem – the picture in this blog made me lol (is this the right abbreviation?!!) xx

  2. Kat b · September 10, 2017

    Sam u hit the hair lose right on the nail! Was one of the most emotiinal but scary things ive ever been tho too…..u are amazing and keep fighting…..ur hair doesnt define u…u do!!! U can oulk of any style hun as long as ur happy!

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