Don’t count your chickens too soon!

Following my most recent round of chemo, I felt i had got off quite lightly, aside from the minor A&E visit, I’d managed to celebrate Seb’s anniversary, support Vicky at Watford and still made it to La Tomitina the following week. This was about to change 🙁

Knowing that going to clinic with a cough was not going to be a good start, id try and hide it but that lasted approximately 4 steps and it begins. Dr Awesome asks how I’m feeling, be a bit easier if i didn’t sound like id lost my voice and didn’t look like i was going to explode with heat at any moment. Thermometer in my ear and its over 37.5 both of them just look at me with a serious face. Thats it no chemo this week for me, the one week where not having chemo may have saved me a whole lot of stress it has happened anyway after we’d just resolved the work problem.

Not only that, i don’t like the idea of missing a week of chemo, especially when its to sit at home just being ill anyway, not even to go on holiday or some awesome trip. Boo they’re serious though and there is no changing their minds, i know its only for my health and well being but for those 5 minutes Dr Awesome decision didn’t feel awesome too me!!

After my 5 minute strop and trying (very unconvincingly) to convince them that i was actually fit and healthy i realised i was not going to win 🙁 so may as well tell them about the other symptoms… a rash on my side… they think chance it may be shingles, so very swiftly we are out of there never feeling like with been kicked out of somewhere so quickly. Ending with some more tablets and my favourite thing.. REST!!

From the dissapointment of not being allowed chemo this week (fisrt time since the start of my treatment), I then have to stay home a limit who visits me because of suspected shingles!! Again, as much as I try, you can’t know what is just round the corner, so I will continue to make each day count. At least if I rest a little I should be able to play football on Sunday…every cloud…

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