Too good to be true…

Chemo last Wednesday, not the smoothest thanks to my body temperature. Thank you Cauchi for the company and finally we got out of there after numerous prods of a thermometer in my ear. Not the greatest start however Thursday comes round and i seem to have loads of energy, off to Watford we head. Friday expecting to be tired but nope still some energy so off to complete Dans surprise anniversary plans, the evening hits me and feel exhausted and thinking weekend plans may be halted.

Saturday i awake feeling not too bad and feeling like i may actually leave my bed today (a rarity), yes i do off to Watford we head for Watford vs Brighton (not the greatest game). Thats enough for one day still waiting for chemo effects to hit. Sunday again more energy than normal and back off to Watford we head to watch Watford vs Everton (possibly the hottest day). Me and Liz do the sensible thing and create some shade (sensible).

Thinking this is too good to be true, decide Monday should be a rest day well as much i rest, packing is the agenda of today. Feeling like i have got off this round of chemo scot free, not even the presence of neuropathy to remind me id just finished my 56th round of chemo.

Tuesday off we head to Valencia for LA Tomatina on Wednesday (more to follow on this), Thursday head home, well not for long quick stop at the hospital for potentially the most pointless appointment of my life, then you guessed it… off to Watford we head, then finishing the night at WEMBERRRLYYY!!

Friday morning up and about for the Cavendish Conference, inspiring and motivating day, little browse round the outlets then off too some place in Wales with a lot of LLL’s. Starting to feel a little tired and a sore throat nothing major if thats all i get from this round of chemo.

Saturday off to Zip World we go before the long drive home, starting to feel a bit tired so Sunday morning decide to give Watford vs Yeovil a miss and rest, the thought of family roast dinner also keeping me at home.

So with roast dinner round the corner, the last thing i wanted was a fever. Shivers then sweats… off to find the trusty thermometer, up and around 38 but not quite there, however come 5 o’clock you guessed ding ding 38 degress 🙁

Ring Ring and a familiar sounding voice answers, unbelievable how much more at ease that makes you feel. Off to A&E we go to check everything is okay and my bloods are fine, before that they have to get some blood. Fun and Games of the port begin, safe to say Port 1 – Emma 0 sorry to tarnish your 2 year record. Massive thanks to Kate thank god you were there ;)!!

Bloods fine, X-Ray clear and Temperature dropping and we are out of there!! No more hospital admissions please.