That was the 6 letter word i needed…

Wow that was one hell of a week!!! Some of you may have been aware, guessed or worked out it was roughly that time for my 3monthly scan.

This time it’s safe to say scanxiety had well and truly hit me smack in the face. Having the date a whole six weeks prior was not at all helpful, coupled with a lot of loose time to think, although sometimes sat on some gorgeous beaches.

I was very conscious of not letting any of this worry come out as I was scared I couldn’t cope with it and didn’t want to worry others or make me worry more! The worry wasn’t helped by the gradual increase of my CEA markers (Yes I know not truly reliable). These had been increasing slowly, very minor, for the last few weeks – though had remained in the normal range. However for me this wasn’t common, the only time I hadn’t seen a decrease was the beginning and the end of my first line treatment.

Luckily Dr Awesome is again incredible and very aware of this panic that I have sat on for however long and the results are ready Monday afternoon having been scanned that morning! Thank you.

In i go with the lovely Chris and oh boy have I never been more thankful to hear that tiny 6 letter word…. STABLE!!

I mean yes it’s not the most exciting word, I can think of much nicer 6 letter words: friends, family, giggle, drinks, sports, cuddle and travel just to name a few. Just for you scrabble players out there it’s not a particularly high scoring 6 letter word either with only 10 points. Right there and then though STABLE was the word I needed and hoped to hear and meant way more than 10 points to me.

Stable means no or very minimal growth and going into Monday that was the best outcome we could have hoped for after a previous 3 month scan on the same treatment. So chemo (my friend) we carry on 🙂



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  1. Liz · October 2, 2017

    What an important little word; I decided to check out the definition: stable
    adjective: (of a patient or their medical condition) not deteriorating in health – that is news for you we all want to hear xxxx

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