Its the little things…

A long running question and questions that are seen on various support sites is people asking what they can do to help… many of us in this situation don’t really know the answer. In my opinion this is for various reason; we don’t know what helps, this journey is new for us too, we don’t want to burden people, we don’t want people to have to go out there way etc.

I also don’t think it relates to just this situation, I think all through life people massively appreciate the little gestures.

Something I have found is that little thing needs to be a persons own thing and unique to them. My advice would be do something, you will soon see if it’s right or wrong. Also, you do not know the power of those little gestures and thanks will never be a strong enough word to describe them.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it enough, but I have a pretty amazing group of friends and family and some of them are pretty talented, creative but every single one is AWESOME!!

So remember the little things, although not all of these are little, they are thoughtful, time consuming or comforting and they are all unique to the individual supporting me and for that I am massively grateful!

  • Puzzles to take to every chemo session without fail – not missing a week, even with my schedule changes!! I put it at nearly 50 envelopes filled with various puzzles, never late and always with a little heart or smile to go with it.
  • Amazingly crafted blanket, from my old T-shirts that is absolutely incredible, filled with love, care, patience and is just an awesome gift.
  • Always getting home to bottled water, an expensive habit I picked up from my first hospital admission, this seemingly little thing really helps after a chemo day.
  • Home cooked and baked goods or meals. Sometimes these are appreciated by the family more but that also makes me happy.
  • To the text I receive every chemo morning, remembering it’s been moved to a Tuesday or had to be put back a week for me to squeeze in a holiday, with good luck, thinking of you or even just an emoji.
  • The little bits of clothing/shoes people have given me to wear on chemo days with hidden meanings that always bring a smile to my face – whether it be nicknamed shoes, hand knitted socks, motivational socks and various jumpers.
  • Anyone who has sat with me in anyone of the 20 waiting rooms or clinics i have sat in and just offered their company, stories of their lives and some sense of normality.



  1. Liz · October 2, 2017

    We really understand what you are saying -” just let us know how we can help” is such a genuine comment at a tricky time but how often will you ask? – very rarely. Just think of something that the person would like and go for it – we had a scrumptious lemon meringue pie delivered and were blown away by the lovely gesture xx

  2. Chloe · October 2, 2017

    Or seeing your friend smiling in a photo you’re sat under as another person who is special to you awaits their treatment. I’ve seen two Coolest Sam photos so far…it’s like a weird hospital version of Where’s Wally
    The little things don’t even require the person to know they’ve made a difference xx

  3. Samantha Isaacson · October 2, 2017

    Ha Ha enjoy where’s Sam lol! Exactly very true. They are the best. X

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