SIRT results

I am aware many of you have been asking and waiting to find out if the SIRT treatment that Sam received back in June and July was successful.

On Monday (17th Sept), after a lot of waiting, Sam went to her appointment with Dr Awesome and was told that SIRT treatment has been successful in halting the growth and spread of the tumours in her liver for a while, which should extend her life. Whilst the treatment did not shrink the tumours, and we knew there will never be a cure, it was some positive news after the months of sickness, pain and uncertainty.

Sam is now back on the biweekly chemotherapy Oxiplatin as she was before, continuing to keep the tumours at bay as long as possible. Next round will be Sam’s 80th round of chemo in just over three years, which is absolutely incredible! Having outlived her prognosis, Sam does not see her experience as a ‘fight’ against cancer, but a way of life by which she is trying, and succeeding in my opinion, to make the most of each day.

So for now, Sam continues to go to work, play football and spend time with friends and family, inamoungst managing her treatment.

It is very brave continuing to share her personal life so publicly with you all, however Sam is so grateful for the love and support she has received not only over the last few months, but also over the years from so many people. So keep going #samsquad, let’s make how ever long we have Sam with us for, the best it can possibly be.

From Vicky xx



  1. Anonymous · September 23, 2018

    That news on Monday was the most fantastic thing I had heard in ages we are so delighted that there has been positive outcome after this treatment. See you Thursday 27th at Histon FC for the Kick Cancer Cup footie match. Much love as always Liz et al xx

  2. Anonymous · September 23, 2018

    Love you Sam thinking about you all the time Love nan xxx

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