Chemo day unit

Whilst sat in the day unit i thought it was a perfect time to have a little play around and write a poem.

The oncology chemo unit. It’s a funny old place
Patients come and go
Very rarely a familiar face

Except the tremendous nurses
They are always here
Occasionally one leaves
And a new face will appear

The very faint sound
Of the radio in the distance
Amongst all the other sounds
With beeping in abundance

Every individual seated here
Has there own unique story
Some filled with plenty of hope
That this soon may all be history

Others relay a story of hope
Some with a long list of trials
The journey is different for all
Some short, some been going for miles

All of the different timings
Different colours, smells and drugs
Some have very different effects
Every single one trying to avoid getting a bug

Everyone sat with nervousness
Crossed with anticipation
What will these drugs have done
The same hope, extend the duration

The place could easily be dull
However it’s filled with loads of voices
Colours from the lavender on the wall
Mutterings some with end near can rejoice

It’s a strange world when a place
That leads thoughts of so much dread
Can actually provide some of the
Most human moments instead

Testament to the staff; doctors, nurses
Health care assistants, admin and volunteers
That make the clinic and day unit
A place not to fear


  1. Liz Neal · January 14, 2019

    This is fab Sam you have described the unit brilliantly. Paul and I met some amazing people there – one lady sewing little purses as her husbands treatment carried on, another day four in a row all chatting about music and one chap, who had noone with him, finished his session and waltzed out saying ‘Elvis is leaving the building’! loads of smiles and thumbs up as the machines bleeped on! xx

  2. Dianne Haase Humann · January 14, 2019

    Well done!

  3. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Love it!
    Healing wishes coming your way x

  4. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Lovely Sam very clever love nan xxx

  5. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Lovely Sam

  6. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Very well written and authentic you have a talent there ?

  7. Jasmine · January 14, 2019

    You’ve captured the very essence of the chemo unit and echoed some of my thoughts and experiences. Did it for seven months after a bout of bowel cancer. Thank you. Hope you are progressing well xx

  8. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Amazing poem! Seeing my best friend going through this too I am recognising the same themes. Wishing you well x

  9. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Great poem reminds me of of my short time with the drip but got changed to the PIC line which I thought was hilarious. Felt like a cowgirl with my holster ? ? ?

  10. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Good luck!

  11. Sandra · January 14, 2019

    Brilliant poem Sam. So inspirational. Well done x x

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