New Year Blog!

With the start of the New Year and all the festivities prior it can be a very reflective time, but for someone with an uncertain outlook weighing on there shoulders it can also be a very daunting, nervous and scary time of year.

As mentioned previously in other blogs big milestones: birthdays, Christmas, New year etc can be very difficult. Yes you get to spend them with family and friends which is always brilliant but while some panic about there 30th birthday being round the corner or the yearly goals they must set for the upcoming new year. This for cancer patients actually turns into will I be here next year, will I see another birthday/Christmas/new year etc.

So amongst all the celebrations alot of dread and worry exists. I’ve always been someone who has been very reflective of what I have achieved over a year. Mainly the focus now is I MADE IT (something I am massively grateful for) sometimes pinching myself when I make up every morning.

However alongside yearly reflection and collage of monthly achievements/memories I also decided to write a list of memorable monthly moments. This made me realise that actually most months (list Below) I had more than two important moments, for some one who loses a week every 2 to recovery after chemo that’s not bad. In spite of everything the surgeries, chemo therapies, blood clots 2018 has actually been a pretty decent year surrounded by my loving family and friends.


Willow Day at Arsenal
Everyone’s Talking about Jamie

Crystal Maze
Beach Day with Isla
Football pub day

London Football Awards
Cirque de Soleil
Snowy Top Golf
Vicky ‘feel the force’ Neal
Carriages of Cambridge
Hot air balloon ride

Glow Run
Semi Final Win

Cup Final Performance
Harlem Globetrotters
Isaacson Invitational
Play Off Performance
SIRT Green Light
TV Tuesdays

SIRT Part 1
Soccer Aid
Sticker book

Kat’s 40th
World Cup Fever
Sri Lanka

Giraffe Lodge
Do the Dele Ali

Vickys Supporters Club
Kick Cancer Cup
Sign Language course

80 Rounds
Auto circus
Kick Cancer Cup Ball
Disney on Ice

Michael Mcintyre
Living sport awards
Jail break record

Christmas Lodge
Escape Room Trip
NYE at Harriets

With the turn of every new year comes the constant question of will I make it to see 2020?

So what’s in store for 2019 well with the recent results definitely a bit more chemo and hopefully alot more (I’ve got that century to reach). Although I do have a bucket list this has changed and become further in the distant right now is just about making the most of every minute I feel well enough too.

Stealing the words of @bowelcancerman “New Years Resolitions are a bit different with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. Survive the next 365 days with dark humour, laughs, fun, family and friends and make every second count”


  1. Brigid. Malone · January 14, 2019

    Sam you are an inspiration you have other people and you know you are going to make it lots of love brigid xxwx

  2. Anonymous · January 14, 2019

    Love you so much !!! You are killing it !! Hopefully get to see you this year 🙂 xoxox

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