January a medical month to forget!!

IWell, i know they talk about January goes on forever and has like 96 days, its all the doom and gloom after christmas, the countdown to payday, the christmas decorations down, its dark whenever you leave for or after work, its cold you need layers and a coat.

This January has felt even longer for me, it has been filled with one cold or medical problem to another. I don’t think I could count many days where i haven’t been filled with painkillers or anti sinus relief, trying to rid every ‘pesky cold’. Alao during this time my back decided it wanted to be a nightmare and create the biggest back spasm i have ever felt and led to some pretty scary pain and thoughts.

New Years resolutions, i very rarely make them however this year have made a more conscious effort in order to swim more regularly. So after New Year January started with the typical cold and then yeah you guessed it back to chemo, not what you want after such a great christmas.

Minus the cold, chemo seemed to be running smoothly until the attack of the rash began and this time i think it was pretty bad. I could not sit still from the itching and by the nurses reaction it was a bit more potent than the last few. After stopping the treatment for a while and some extra hydrocortisone and more drugs (yay) the rash has calmed down and after 45minutes we are back up and running again. After this chemo ran smoothly, pump ran through fine, no more rash and was beginning to look forward to the upcoming week of celebrating Meag and Vicky’s Birthdays: Anatomy Live, work and a day of drinking and eating with the Gretton Girls for Vicky’s Birthday, chef cooked meal and Football – well this never happened and has still yet to happen 🙁

However as i woke up for the Saturday and the excitement of Anatomy Live (separate post to follow), a quick wander to the toilet was not as normal and i couldn’t walk. My back had seized up and screaming in agony – effectively crawling – I make it back to bed hoping that with a bit more sleep and laying flat it would ease. Unfortunately this was not the case, so we set with all the painkillers possible, the day passes and my back has seized up more and made sitting anywhere unbearable. A quick ring to the hospital and they advise (unsurprisingly) a trip to A&E, the problem is we are in Watford and being sat in the car is most comfortable place. Agreement made that if no better will go to Addenbrookes in the morning, however at this time all the panic and overthinking has set in…will I need a scan? its spread to my spine? i’ve caused some serious damage??!!

Wake up Sunday – no better – but instead of going to A&E i opt for laying in pain and agony waiting for Mondays clinic appointment with Dr Awesome. This seems crazy but I take some assurance that if i need a scan id rather hear this and potential results from someone i trust than a random Dr i have never met.

As Monday comes round the pain is worse and walking is near impossible. As i step through the oncology unit in tears and unable to sit or walk very far if at all. I fall in Dr Palmers office and as expected those dreaded words “we need to do a scan” come along so off we tredge to CT. “do you want a wheelchair?” And as usual i’ve Stubbornly rejected this offer, ill use the wall to drag myself there.

CT done await for the results, whilst laid in CAU, results are in (well the basics) no spread of disease and no bone issue in spine. This leads to the conclusion it is just a severe muscle spasm, the option is to stay and get a pain review, but knowing me there is one more thing to try, go home and have some diazepam to see if it will relax.

Had got no better over the next few days and as a result Dr resorts to let me try a message but avoid the liver area where possible. After a quick phone call the absolute legend that is Paris she is round and working on this crazy spasm and again returns in 2 days to still work on it. By Friday still in a lot of pain but i have some movement, enough to move from one chair to another, but no alcohol, we head off to drinks with the Gretton Girls – who needs alcohol when you have great company. 2 weeks later the back is better, although getting socks on is still not easy and follow up with Dr Awesome the result is she is done with my back as the CT scan showed nearly a 25% decrease in one of my tumours in less than 4 weeks, at the end of the day she is an oncologist (her job done lol).

Thinking January was nearly over it was back to chemo and still cant move properly, may as we’ll crack on as will have to rest in my bed anyway. No rash this time just a headache – good result!!

After getting over this chemo bang i’m hit with the biggest head cold so my body has no break from painkillers during this entire time… All i can say is bring on February and the elimination of this ‘Pesky Cold”

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  1. Anonymous · February 19, 2019

    I like the sound of Doctor Awesome.

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