Guest Blog – Jenna

Don’t worry, you have the world to explore – a good friend once told me.

I’ve started this blog a million times in my head and a few very short times on paper. Never really knowing where to start or to be honest what to say. And it’s defiantly something I’d prefer not to want to do but I’ve always found myself gravitating to have a slot on the “guest blog” (i love a good hashtag).

So here it goes, on the way back from kuala lumpur after missing Sam’s 30th birthday extravaganza, which looked amazing, top effort team! But as a good friend once said “don’t worry you have the whole world to explore”!

It all started on a football shirt social- United fan meets Arsenal fan……it went better than the usual stories, we even managed a green street movie night !! This all slightly escalated on a smurf social. …..Smashing up an undefeated 2nd year football season as league champions. Being robbed of captain and vice (I tell no lies) and walking to colours ball in heels together ! So many uni memories leading to a very unique friendship!

League champions

For me I try to live the whole life is to short just do it kind of thing (most of the time) ! This hasn’t changed over the past 4 and a half years, yes Sam has probably been in my thoughts slightly more (not in a gay way) and my bank account may be slightly healthier, I was convinced to join the fiji and barbados adventures – we love a long haul!!!!! But nothing has changed how we’ve always been – unique ! I’m still shit at visits and you’re still yet to visit me….but that’s how we roll and how we always will ! Football, fantasy, smurf, travel, uni gossip, Arsenal, United, and the fact I’m not a CDM (or LB- Vicky I hope you’re reading this). Friendship stays the same no matter what.

Barbados ❤️

What I’ve learnt most though, don’t be afraid to ask that question, or give your opinion and speak the truth ! For harder times, bigger decisions, serious chats on a Bajan roadside, quieter times on a beach. I appreciate and am grateful that Sam takes on board my opinion, honesty and probably sometimes bluntness. As do I when I call upon my gooner ! Never hold back from asking or talking, even if it’s just an opinion, level head, scan update or some prescription drugs you should probably take (need) .

The “situation” “shit hand” “crazy predicament” as a whole I don’t think will ever sink in ! I tell people and their sorry reaction I tend to blow off because for me now it is what it is, it’s shit but we’re making the most of it ! Different things have helped, Sam’s honesty and her quietness, Sue’s car comment, a comment made in jest at the KCC and memories of literally nearly killing her off while scuba diving come to mind. Things that I’m taken back by at the time but in reality do help smaller things sink in. Everyone is different but one thing stands, friendship stays the same.


Talking is a huge thing which like Sam, with some people I am awful with and should really get better at. My friendship with Sam however fully justifies the importance of talking about things that matter but all in good time. Try to understand the silence by a beach, a read WhatsApp message that has not been replied to and on the flip side appreciate and embrace the everyday memories, thoughts, plans, communication, late Christmas and birthday wishes!

Be there for the ones where it just comes naturally no matter how long it’s been. Be yourself, each day as it comes (or every 3 months).

When what Sam is going through comes up in conversation with friends or colleagues or passing strangers who are unfortunate enough to be wearing an arsenal shirt…..I explain the journey so far with pride and admiration for the strongest (loudest) person I know! And for someone that will always have pride of place on my sweet right foot!

No matter what these last 4 and half years have thrown up and what the rest will give us, we’ll get on with the best we can with a few 10000000 bumps in the road here and there!





#DoIt #DontLookBack