Sam’s 30th: The Epic Party @ Fulbourn Spirts and Social Club

First of all, I should start by letting you know who is writing this guest blog; I am Christian, Sam’s little brother (aka mykonos) and also writing with me is Sam’s Rainbow/Unicorn, AKA
my partner, Aaron.

Me and Sam
Aaron and Sam

If you’ve noticed the spelling mistake in the title of this blog, well your ahead of us all.
Apparently it doesn’t matter how many people look through an invitation before it is finalised and 150 are printed off, spelling mistakes will still get through however it gave us a good laugh when it was politely pointed out to us.

It was important to us to keep parts of this party a surprise from Sam and for everyone that wanted to to have an input and so we set up a Sam’s 30th Committee, involving me, mine and Sam’s mum Sue, Sam’s best friends Vicky and Megan, our mum’s fiancee Graham and my partner, Aaron.


That is the special thing about Sam, she has a lot of people that wanted to make her
30th birthday one to truly remember. Our committee, so to speak, would meet over our mums famous cooking (thanks mum, amazing as always) once a month and discuss ideas and surprises Sam had no idea about. As you can imagine, we discussed some pretty wacky ideas, such as an amusement mechanical grabber. But eventually a plan came together.

Many of you reading this will have designed beautifully, artistically, in many cases the back of Sam’s invitation, as presented on the night, we thought we would make our own photo peg banner, and this was one truly special idea for Sam as a lot of these were designed with perfect
jokes and memories that I know made Sam laugh, giggle and smile when she saw them.

The invitation also had a barcode type sticker called Tine, this was the brilliant idea of our mum, Sue, with the help of overseas friends; these came directly from the US. For those of you who don’t know what this is, guests were able to use these stickers to record a video or personal message to wish Sam a happy 30th birthday. If only you were able to hear how much she was laughing watching them all; I awoke one morning to Sam and Vicky in the next room laughing hysterically, wondering what on earth was going on, to find them both watching all the videos people has taken their time to record; it was truly a cracking sight to see.

For those of you who didn’t know the dress code, this was to come dressed as something that reminded you of Sam; which on the night was absolutely amazing to see the efforts people went to. From dressing as a rainbow unicorn, to people dressed as Nando’s Staff, to a homemade turtle outfit, pink Power Ranger t-shirt (as Sam was always the pink Ranger as a kid). There was a slice of fried bacon (sam’s favourite for breakfast in the home cafe), mum had a beautiful star and moon dress, the Pope (another insider joke), to plenty of football shirts (I wonder why) and many many more. It really was amazing to see you all go to town, I know Sam loved it.

Unique, personal outfits…

Like a scene out of Up, it was balloons galore. If there was one thing we got too many of and went overboard on it was balloons, but knowing how much Sam wanted balloons this was bound to happen and made for great themeing on that night. From Sharks to Flamingos, pineapples and Dolphins we had baloons in all shapes and sizes it really was Club Tropicana.
Oh, and by the way, if you happened to see two men running through the streets of Cambridge trying to keep hold of giant helium balloons, dodging all the Saturday shoppers like a scene out of Supermarket Sweep, well that was me and Aaron. It was last minute dash to add even more balloons to the lot as it appears one party can never have too many balloons.
I’m sure we had many people laughing, watching us trying to squeeze them in the cars as this was truly a “me-to-you” Chuckle Brothers moment.

The party would not have been about Sam if it didn’t include an Escape Room; yeah that’s right, Sam’s party had it’s very own Escape Room. After being let down by an Escape Room bus (another one of those wacky ideas I was speaking about earlier) we just couldn’t let the idea go. Me and my mum got searching and found a great guy who would come with his designed escape room built in a side room at the party in just 30 minutes. It was such a popular activity that only some of those that wanted a go were able to, apologies
about that, who know sam knew so many other people with a love and passion for escape rooms like her.

Football girls escaped!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most crazy of them all? From the crazy long line all night long it was clear to see this party photo idea went down a treat. Having been at a wedding some weeks before Sam’s party and seen it in action, me and my partner just knew it would be perfect. A mirror that doubled as a photo booth, who knew?! With props (not that you guys needed those) and the amazing fancy dress of you all, crazy wonderful to laugh at photos we’re taken all night long. What was so special about this was as each photo was taken and printed a copy was made to be put into a photo album to be delivered to Sam the next day. Although Sam made it into most photos after being tugged and pulled in the excitement, there were many more for Sam to laugh and smile at days afterwards and an album to treasure.

Jäger! Well if any one has been for a night out with Sam, you would know this was one of her favourite drinks (each to their own, sorry Sis). So it just wouldn’t be Sam’s 30th without a Jäger stand, shots of Jäger piled high on different levels. It certainly seemed to be liked by many as there was not a drop of Jäger left.

Karaoke had to be a feature in a party of Sam’s, and with dad leading the way with classics such as ‘remember you’re a womble’. It wasn’t long before the shyest of my friends were up there singing their hearts out. It wasn’t only the Kareoke that was popular, the dance floor was packed the entire night, with one rainbow winged dancer showing us how it is done. Maybe I should hand over to Aaron at this point…


From high kicking, slut dropping, twerking, back bending and dropping into the splits, the karaoke and music was the thing to really get this party started. Everyone dressing up, a little bit tipsy, from belting out The Circle of Life from the Lion King to grinding and dragging myself across the floor singing Mr Bright Side (ps, thanks Sam for ditching me half way through,
maybe next time I won’t go OTT, wait, who am I kidding?); you all gave me a run for my money as more and more ventured on to the dance throwing some pretty sickening moves, to our very own dance off centre stage. The evening was alive with the sound of music; and boy, nobody was shy to get up on that stage to sing their little hearts out, I mean, I cannot hold a
tune for neither love nor money but some of you were cracking and some… well, we wont be seeing you at Boot Camp! Only joking, fabulous effort from all of the Amigos.

There were so many magical memories that was achieved for Sam’s party, anyone would have thought Disney had been involved! From the beautiful cupcakes, which looked like Jaws was on top of your sponge, to the brilliant 30 that was created, the photo wall, lights and decorations, the bar staff, to friends travelling half way across the world just to attend. So many of you helped in such wonderful ways; it is pretty overwhelming how much everyone dedicated their time and efforts into making this one incredible 30th birthday for Sam. My family cannot thank you all enough for showing such love and support, it was pretty incredible to hear the stories behind the friendships and costumes that took place on the night; oh and by the way, I don’t think I have every been to a party where everyone turned up on time, one minute the room we was decorating was empty to the room being full of bright, beautiful faces,
awaiting Sam’s arrival.

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a party without a party bag, you are never to old for those! A special thanks to Megan for putting together such wonderfully created party bags, they truly looked great; and a perfect way to end the party, especially for the ones who had the alcohol munchies
by the end! It was the best way to end the evening.

Go go power ranger


  1. Stacey · August 26

    Love this!! And I love that as I read it, I actually can hear it being told in Christian’s voice 🙂 What an absolute legend of a party for a legend of a human 🙂 xox

  2. Ann & Eric Bowers · August 26

    What a lot of work went into a most remarkable party. Sam you will never forget it.ann