GUEST BLOG – Victoria and the #KCC

#KKC2019 = An evening of competitive women’s football and entertainment raising money for two great charities.

I have wanted to write a blog for a while now however I was worried that I wouldn’t do it justice or even know what to write about. This September, the #KKC 2019 happened and there was my inspiration to get writing. 

This evening is one of the highlights of my year and has been for the last 5 years. Started by Sam, with an idea of combining two things important to her – football and raising money for people living with cancer by helping to make their lives just a little bit more bearable. 

Over the last 5 years, Sam and the committee have raised nearly £60,000 for charity.

This particular event is important to me for a few different reasons:

  • It raises money for two very worthy charities.
  • I get to be part of the committee and organise the match alongside some truly wonderful and dedicated individuals.
  • I am doing something to help (a selfish reason really).

The last one, probably the most important. I have learnt from Sam that kind words are lovely but when you are fighting cancer, doing is so much more powerful. Therefore, I throw all my energies into making this evening the best it can be. This something can hopefully change some lives or at least make them a little better in someway.

Sam is my inspiration – a person who never gives up, is open, honest and the bravest individual I know. She has played in this annual event every year, no matter what chemo or procedure she has had that week or how rubbish she is feeling. This year was no different with Sam playing the first third in goal, then the last 10 minutes on the pitch and lastly scoring a penalty for her team. 

Sam chooses 33 players to be on her team – fellow team mates and friends. Each year they play the S-Tech team who also have 33 players, made up of footballers from a local league. That’s a lot of players on one pitch! They all come together for one person and two great charities! On the night, I spoke to a players parents who had come all the way from Scotland as their daughter had told them it was a game not to miss! Our attendance at the match this year was just over 500 people – lots of regular supporters and some very welcome new ones. 

Every year is bigger and better than the last and the organisation of it is now a well oiled machine. This year did not disappoint. We raised our second biggest amount – £8,100 in just an evening. What an amazing community we are part of.

Congratulations to the players of the S-Tech team – the winners this year. 

To top it all off, the generous company Sam and I work for matched what we made on the night!! Absolutely incredible!

It is an honour and I am so very proud to be part of this event each year – long may it continue!