Coronavirus – ramblings


What a crazy time to be alive?

This may sound totally selfish but it’s not meant to be, I fully understand the impact on the planet, economically, socially and society but this is my feelings on something that I’m sure has rocked everyone.

People talk about isolating for 14 days if they are healthy and then on the other hand socially isolate for 12 weeks if have underlying health conditions (HELLO!!) or are elderly and yes that needs to be done to keep as many people safe and allow our incredible health system to try and combat this situation.

Do it!!!!!

However someone with an underlying health condition but also facing a terminal prognosis that lives life in 3 month blocks the thought of socially isolating for one of those 3 month blocks has crippled me. Isolate for 12 weeks, however you may not even survive those 12 weeks, Cancer may get to you first. Limit your social interaction, well for anyone who knows me I’m a hugely social person and human contact is what gets me through the toughest of toughest days.

Let alone the fear of what will happen with treatment, any extra medical stuff adds extra pressure on the NHS, however that treatment I need to try and prolong my life and try and get to the end of this pandemic. What will happen to chemotherapy? Are hospitals safe? Will the drugs still be produced at the rate needed? Is it right to suppress my immune system whilst this goes on? All I know is I need chemotherapy too survive so for now that will be my main focus. But aside from my case it is affecting trials, it is affecting drug delivery and it is affecting clinics all of which is vital for anyone trying to battle health conditions but especially cancer patients when most weeks (especially towards end of care) are looking for the next option and a second chance.

Will they have to prioritise treatments? Where will that leave me as I’m sure someone with limited prognosis and no curative intent puts you quite far down the list of neccessary treatments. See belong an interesting, scary but so real article in the guardian explaining the difficult decisions having to be made due to the added demand on hospitals and staff.

I live for my good week, I live for the week I feel more able the week I feel more like me. The week I can go see my friends, play football, eat out, travel, work and generally live the life I crave to have and save so much. We are not sure how long it will be until this may even be possible again.

For now though the focus needs to be to get this virus under control, so please listen to the scientists and health care professionals wash your hands, stay in, socially distance from people, yes fullfill the jobs necessary for the world to still function but other than that go home and stay home.