GUEST BLOG – Mile Stone Reached.


With a milestone being reached this week, and lots of time to think about it, I felt the urge to write a little something. This week (Wednesday 15th April 2020) marks Sam’s 100th round of chemo. This is a very exclusive club with few members. Although I am truly grateful to have her still in my life, I recognize that it took a while to get all of those rounds in; 5 years in fact. 5 years is a substantial amount of time in one way and no time at all in others. It’s a long time to live with the constant anxieties of living with a terminal illness and not nearly long enough to jam a full lifetime of experiences into.

Chemo/treatment at a glance:

Round 1 – Round 36 of Irinotecan (25/03/2015 – 05/10/2016)

Round 37 – Round 87 of Oxaliplatin (16/11/2016 – 23/07/2019)

SIRT – 1st June and 4th July

Round 88 – Round 100 of Irinotecan (18/09/2019 – 15/04/2020)

Someone shared the picture above with me recently and initially I thought ‘true story’. Everyone seems to have advice to give: have you tried Kale, how about a juice diet, whatever you do don’t eat sugar, should you be travelling?, you should definitely try yoga! But, then after a conversation with the one and only Bucky aka Sam, it made me think of it in a different way.

Whilst the vast majority of us are feeling slightly anxious and uncertain at this time, this must be only a little taste of how others with serious illnesses must feel ALL of the time. Most of us are currently worried about where we go, what we touch, who we come in contact with and if we will get sick from any of that, but we also know that, should we actually contract the coronavirus, chances are good that we will make a full recovery. Scientists are working hard across the globe to find out more about this virus and come up with suitable treatments. Chances are high that they will be successful with this in the near future and will be able to treat the majority of people and hopefully even be able to make us immune to it with vaccines. The majority of us, although we may have financial setbacks, heightened anxiety and restricted social interaction, will fully recover from this. These few months will be a mere inconvenience and life will get back to some form of normalcy. When I think of people who live with these concerns and emotional strains on a regular basis; day after day, week after week, year after year, with no end in sight,. I can’t imagine how they do it.

I know that it has been said that Sam is one brave person, but wowza you are truly amazing. I joke with her about people throwing the word ‘inspirational’ around so liberally, but actually it is an extremely accurate word. I’m glad you let us share the burden, but I now recognize that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. I’d give you a hug, but you know….social distancing!! Hats off to you my friend.