Covid vs Cancer – My Experience Part 2!

2 weeks later and bloods are fine and all clear for chemo, antibiotics finished and we are good to go round 100 here I come!

Well, this milestone had been discussed for a while and mentioned in another post, but it was weird having round 100 on my own – even though Vix, Megan and Harriet had a few little treats up there sleeve.

Round 100, day goes fairly smoothly and Chemo seems to run through like a dream, another day out for me, is this really what it’s come to getting excited by going to the hospital??

As the weekend rolls round I think I’m in the clear, but again another horribly uncontrollable fever churps up. This time it’s nearly a week after chemotherapy suggesting some infection – this is when Dr Awesome agrees that not getting outside is terrible for me so I can go in the garden and I do everything I can to try and get my temperature under control.

No such luck though, so another call to CAU, this time they have recent bloods from the day before and no sign of infection so agree to give it an hour see of it comes down, shower, air, food, lots of water, hot drink nothing is bringing this down.

However an hour later and it is down a tiny bit so Dr suggests get prescription of some more antibiotics from GP through a home visit, easier said than done when I don’t have a GP, I’ve only ever seen a locum. Luckily I have some at home so the second batch of antibiotics starts, something is not right.

For any that remember prior to covid, I was awaiting a blood Biopsy due the unsuccessful tumour sample gathering from my liver Biopsy.

With Covid about a trip to London was not high up my agenda or advised, we arrange for this to take place at addenbrookes and then be couriered back to London for results and tumour sampling this may take 3-4 weeks.


Hopefully this will give us some genetic insight into my tumours and any options we may not have considered, but also when ready will open up some trial options.

Round 101 and no sign of tumour sample yet so another round of FOLFIRI and Cetuximab for me. Day goes fairly smoothly again not the same as being in the day unit, mainly the distance means you feel so far apart preventing those little conversations with other patients of which I think would have been a beneficial this round. Lady opposite me very panicked its her first round and on her own, you can see her just drain with worry as drugs run through. I just want to say something or pass a lemon sherbert her way to help her. An hour later and the entire crash team is called in which was scary for everyone that’s involved. I hope the lady is okay and, as usual, the staff are brilliant but for the rest of us, we have gone from probably seeing 6 people in the last 6 weeks to an absolute wave of people from all over the hospital arriving and planning a route to CAU without entering the hospital, underground it is (secret tunnels).

Off home and finally this round goes smoothly, no temperature and no fever and relatively no symptoms, just the feeling of increased fatigue – partly I think because I’m not getting out, not going to work not pushing myself through that barrier.

Blood tests are back and tumour genetics back instead of adding that on here I have written a seperate blog explaining findings and where we go from here.

Although obvious changes everywhere, for everyone’s safety and less face to face contact with nurses, Dr’s etc. Addenbrookes and oncology is doing its best to keep non covid patients safe and allow treatments where possible to go ahead. After reading so many peoples treatment cancelled, delayed or changed due to covid. Operations and screening cancelled. I am thankful I can, every other week, access my treatment all be it in a different way and setting.